Countries Abortion Profile


1. Law related to Abortion

Brief history of the law

  • Artificial abortion is legally execute till 12 weeks.
  • Abortion by medical indication (social and women health problems) execute till 24 weeks.
  • Abortion for country a big problem, really numbers arevery high, but exactly statistic information is not exist
  • Methodology was till 2003 year - sharp curettage
  • From 2004 year MVA program is holding
  • From 2007 year first survey by medical abortion is holding.

Short summary of conditions within the law
To protect  woman’s life: 

  • Early marriage
  • Absents of premarital to make healthier adult girls.
  • Absents of voting right in decision of family planning  (right of husband, mother-in-law)
  • Woman is dependent of material and moral needs from her family members.
  • Woman has equivalently physical activity with men (husbandry at home, in field) and grow, care of child.
  • Men are not take a part in their wife's health and responsibilities and of the feature child too.

Rape or incest: no statistics                                                             
Fetal impairment: no statistics

2. Policy

3. Second Trimester Abortion

4. Practice

5. Reproductive Health Perspective

Signatory to ICPD, CEDAW: No, any conditions.

6. Abortion Statistics

Absolute number abortion in 2007 – 37500.

7. Public sector

Abortion services cost - free.

8. Private sector

Abortion services cost:
1st Trimester – 25 $
2nd Trimester – only in public hospitals.

9. Methods used

D&C, EVA, MVA, MA with Mife+Miso (≤ LMP, regimen used), MA with Miso alone (≤ LMP, regimen used), MA with Methotrexate+Miso (≤ LMP, regimen used).
2nd Trimester with Ethacridine lactate , Misoprostol, D&E, Hysterotomy.

10. Provider level allowed for surgical and medical abortion

11. Abortion related morbidity mortality statistics

Official data for  2006-2007 – no mortality, morbidity – there is not any statistics.

12. Manufacture and/or availability through import of abortion equipment (MVA syringes, EVA equipment)

IPAS - 100 $.

13. Manufacture/ import of Mifepristone, Misoprostol

Only black market  -  Mifepristone 1 tab. – 50 $, Misoprostol 1 tab. – 2 $.

14. Facility and provider certification norms in brief

Directions from the Ministry of Health.

15. Information available in national service delivery standards

No information.

16. Informal / illegal providers – if present who are they

No information.

17. Population urban/ rural: Demography of the country, with an analysis of availability of abortion services ratio to population

63% -  Rural, 37% - Urban.
Nowadays in Uzbekistan, the number of fertile age women increases every year and in 2010 probably it will reach to 10 million. But, birth rate decreases not significantly.
The age range of abortion rate is 20 -29 years, a few abortions before 20 years . The abortion rate after 30 years old did not change in the past 10 years.

18. Role of government

Health protection of mother and child is the state program in Uzbekistan.

19. Role of religion/ religious leaders


20. Local Ob Gyn societies


21. Current status and potential of research

22. Awareness amongst community members

There is not any awareness amongst community members.

23. Role of member organization/ individual